how to resolve message: quicken online service not available wait ten minutes

quicken online services not unavailable at this time. Wait ten minutes

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  • rokar
    rokar Member
    That was very helpful, Thank you
  • OCMom1
    OCMom1 Member
    @Quicken_Tyka I used these steps successfully but not with my primary data file. I had to force quicken to open asking for a file, then just restored an older backup. Once that was open I could access the menu. With my original file, I'd get the "Quicken online services are unavailable ..." message and then quicken would lock up.

    After signing in as another user, I could then reopen my primary current file and everything appears to be working.

    Another note - I only rec'd this error right after updating to R28.10 on my Windows system. US build.
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