File Validation Crashing

I have experienced multiple and severe problems with Quicken over the last two weeks...too many issues to even explain other than saying support has not been helpful. I experienced total loss of passwords to update accounts and had to deactivate over 30 accounts and reactivate which resulted in 2 years (to the date!) of all transactions re-downloading and causing me to spend 8 hours matching and getting them correctly entered.

After 2 days of stability, I did a one step update which was unbelievably slow. It then ended and I had entries that were on one Chase account show up on another...

I couldn't delete transactions from register, and then in the reconcile window of 2 accounts there were multiple blank entries...when I tried to check on them I got a message "File Not Readable"???

I gave up and went back and restored a backup and started over.

Now today I've tried to validate and repair my file and it crashes every time.

Quicken support finally gave up and told me to contact Microsoft!!!!

I've used Quicken for 20 years and have never had so many issues.

I honestly don't know what to do.

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  • miklk
    miklk SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    I would start with a backup from before the 2 week period. 
    Do a file, file operations, copy file 
    Use the copied file and try validate again. 

    You should not have problem if backup is before problems started and that type of copy can also help. 

    If no good, reply back with more details on problems
  • Charles Lindsay
    I have the same problem with file validate, it crashes then restarts and finds one or two "damaged reminders that were removed". Except there no reminders removed and validate does not mention the name of the reminder. I have restored files from several months back which had validated correctly but now the same "damaged reminder" is found. This has to be a software problem. May have to completely re-install a fresh copy of Quicken.
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