Trouble with matching transactions

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  • Bob24
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    I have the same problem in my WIN10 version. The scenario is as follows:
    1. 10 July: Create and send a "Check Pay" transaction for $120.00 to "Jimmie the Dentist". Quicken creates a register item with Check # 90104
    2. 23 July: Transaction downloaded as "Check 104" as the check # and "Paid Check 00000000104" in the memo field. Quicken DOES NOT match the transactions. I generally have to search the account for the same $ amount which brings up both transactions. I then delete the original which of course has all of my Category info. The new transaction does not. Next time I will do a "Manually Match" which I have tried before though I didnt find the original transaction. I have to ask, have the software people who designed the new bill pay utility ever used the old version? As I have read throughout these posts, things like this run rampant through the new version without any explanation that I can find. These problems betray the FUNDAMENTAL PROCESSES that we have come to expect after using Bill Pay FOR MANY MANY years. Forget about Quicken Support because they never have any Idea what I am talking about. They always try to explain to me how the program works and have even become a somewhat rude when I try to explain what is going on. Can we have the old Bill Pay back?
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