R27.42 update?

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The Mondo Patch page shows that there is an R27.42 update. When I check from Quicken it says that R27.28 is the latest and I am up to date. What gives?

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  • Daddio25
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    @Chris_QPW Thanks! :)
  • Ps56k2
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    Just wondering if this latest release is ok.... to finally install...
    I'm at R26.23 - and was holding off installing the June THREE versions,
    and now the July TWO versions...
    So... any other bad news regarding the June + July rapid release versions ?
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  • Chris_QPW
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    @ps56k Well here is the thing, you can't get the R27.42 fixes without getting any problems that were introduced in the other missing releases, and not fixed in this one.

    So without knowing what you were avoiding in the other releases I can't tell you about what would happen if you installed R27.42.

    And I might add the there are only two fixes in R27.42 at least by the release notes.
    One has to do with the problem introduced for formatting/options of reports.  Some have reported that this fixed their problem, but at least for me and the transactions report it didn't fix it.  But personally I consider this a minor problem to begin with.

    The second one is about the fact that they optimized the downloading of quotes and it reveled a long standing problem with some of the broker's price download (Fidelity is one of them) where they post yesterday's closing prices early on the next day and use that next day's price.

    The optimizing changed the order of the adding of prices in a way that these bad prices from the brokers were used instead of the ones they get from there quote service.

    This patch changes the order back so that the quote service price "mostly" hides the brokers bad price.

    Actually I'm saying bad price, but the brokers might disagree with that statement as in if I have a closing price of $20 on the 22nd, and I set a price of $20 on the 23rd at 3AM, then the prices is "technically correct", but will certainly confuse anyone looking at it on the 23nd before the prices for that day start coming in, or on a weekend.
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  • Ps56k2
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    @Chris_QPW - tnx for the reply and notes on R27.42....  I've been following most...
    Really hot day in Chicago - watching Cubs & Sox on their respective cable channels, and thought.... well - maybe a day to "upgrade" -
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  • Scooterlam
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    Updated to R27.42 this morning.   No immediate &%*%&# utterances.   Let's see how the quotes fix works around 6pm CDT on Monday.
  • Ps56k2
    Ps56k2 SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Just updated to R27.42 - everything seems ok -
    I'm still on the FDS channel for quotes / downloads.......   Help --> F4 + About Quicken
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  • albator159
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    Finaly they fixed that problem that was driving me crazy. I mean there is alot more to fix. They need to hire more coders.

    Fixed: An issue in which customizing column widths caused issues with column width and justification. Also fixed an issue with column alignments.
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