How can I create a treasurer's report?

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I would like to create a recurring treasurer's report which would show the beginning (previous ending) balance, all transactions, and an ending balance.


  • Scooterlam
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    Have you looked at the Quicken Standard Report called "Banking>Transaction" report, customized for the account in question and your reporting period dates?  Looks like it will give starting / ending balance and transaction detail.

  • Jim_Harman
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    The Reports > Banking > Transaction report would be a good place to start. Set the date range as desired.

    Click on the gear at the top right and select which columns to include.

    If you subtotal by Category you can see how much you took in or spent in each area. All the income Categories will be grouped at the top and expenses below. This would probably be more useful than just a list of all the transactions.

    When you are happy with the settings you can save the report for next month.

    The latest Quicken update R27.42 fixes recently introduced problems with the alignment of columns in this report. 


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  • flee
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    Thank you both. The reports you referenced give me all I want except the ability to show "beginning" and "ending" bank balances. If the ability is there, I have not found it.
  • bmciance
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    Not sure why you don't see it.  Take a look at this sample report I did for one of my accounts.  There is a beginning and ending balance shown for the account.  Is this the report you are using?
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