For the Retirement Planner - How do I record a onetime income loss?

There doesn't seem to be a way to lower an income source one just 1 year. If I do an expense adjustment it won't adjust taxes. Thanks Deb
Quicken Home, Biz, Rental Property yr 2020, Ver R27.42, Build Windows

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    Hi, @DLS - Lifetime Planner does allow for income adjustments but how those adjustments are entered varies depending on the type of income that needs to be adjusted.  What kind of income adjustment is it?  Job?  Rental Property? Other type of income? 

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    Thanks, @Scooterlam .  Your examples are along the exact same lines of thinking as are mine.
    There is one other income source that you didn't address:  Reduction in Rental income.  To make an adjustment in Rental income:
    1. Select Current homes & assets and click on Edit.
    2. Click on the appropriate rental asset and then click on the Income button.
    3. Edit the income plan listed and put in a new end date (end of Dec 2019?).
    4. Create a new income plan for 2020 showing the reduced income amount.
    5. Create a new income plan for 2021+ showing the return to the normal income amount.

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