Quicken Mac regularly needs to be "Force Quit" due to spinning disc

Don't think this could be just me but perhaps I need to end my Quicken session quicker. Nothing else I run locks up regularly and needs to be Forced to quit. DO others experience this and is there any way to avoid it and just have it run until I want to end the session?


  • jacobs
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    I think it is just you. ;) Seriously, I haven't been seeing reports of users having Quicken Mac lock up on them.

    First, could you post what version of Quicken Mac you are running, and what version of Mac operating system?

    Could you add a little more explanation about when this is happening?

    If you launch Quicken, do nothing, and immediately Quit, does it quit or produce the spinning ball cursor and refuse to quit?

    If you launch Quicken, do a little activity (add or edit a transaction), and then select Quit, does it immediately produce the spinning ball cursor and refuse to quit?

    Could you open Quicken > Preferences > General and set both the backup check boxes to be on, like this:

    Enter a dummy transaction, or edit some transaction, and then quit. Does it ask you if you want it to back up?

    If you re-launch Quicken and un-check those backup preference checkboxes, then enter or edit a transaction, and then Quit, does it quit or not?

    With these questions and simple tests, I'm trying to get an understanding if the problem you're having is related to Quicken trying to do a backup upon quit or not. 

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  • ronholl1
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    Thank you very much. I am running Quicken 5.17.3 and Catalina 10.15.5 on my Mac, I recently upgraded both, but this happened on the earlier versions.

    If I launch Quicken and immediately quit, if quits normal and produces a backup file.

    If I launch Quicken and do some activity, downloads, updates, reports, it is fine and will quit as normal.

    If I launch Quicken and just have it in the background and go back to it a few hours later, it will likely require a “Force Quit” and have the spinning ball. I typically like to keep Quicken and Excel running and just don't normally close them.

    I set both the backup boxes, I only had the top one set previously. When I quit, it asked me to back up and did. When I relaunch and uncheck both boxes, it just shuts down normally.

    Some things about my Quicken that may impact is that I have been using Quicken since 1991 having recently moved from Windows version and may have a lot of data, with a total of 52,000 transactions when I select “All Transactions”.

    Appreciate any suggestions you may have.
  • ronholl1
    ronholl1 Member ✭✭✭
    One more thing, don't think it has anything to do with backup or quitting as it just locks up when I go to the Quicken screen at some point.

    If I go to the Quicken screen after some time, maybe hours but certainly by the next day it will just have the spinning bar. If the screen is minimized and I click the icon on the bar, the screen doesn't show and offers a "Force Quit" option.

    Other than that, it all runs well and I have been otherwise very pleased with this version.
  • Quicken Dan
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    Hi @ronholl1 - sorry to hear you're having this issue. I, like @jacobs, am not aware of any issues that would cause Quicken to hang, but since I work on the app I rarely have it running for more than a few minutes at a time (or less!).

    Next time this happens you can gather a little extra data that might help us track it down. If you find that Quicken is not responsive, launch the "Activity Monitor" app, find Quicken in the process list (this is easiest if you sort by process name), select it, then from the gear menu choose "sample process" and save the resultant file (also make note of exactly which version of Quicken you're using, or the report won't make any sense to us). Let me know here and I'll reach out to you privately to get it from you. Let me know also if these instructions are not clear. There is no personal information in this file.
  • Quicken Dan
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    (for those in the studio audience, @ronholl1 was able to replicate the issue and get me the information I needed. I've filed a bug for someone to look into it. It looks like the sample was pretty diagnostic. Thanks, Ron!
  • ronholl1
    ronholl1 Member ✭✭✭
    I provided the diagnostics to Quicken Dan, he looked at it and identified a code path it was going through that was relatively rare. Fortunately, it seems understood and is in the queue for a fix and it sounds like I'm not doing anything too weird.

    Thanks to Dan and jacobs for reaching out and offering assistance. Super impressed by the support provided by Dan.
  • Quicken Dan
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    To close the loop on this : we were able to find and correct this issue. A fix will be in the next release. Thanks, @ronholl1 for reporting it!
  • ronholl1
    ronholl1 Member ✭✭✭
    Thank you for addressing this, it definitely looks like it fixed this problem as my Quicken has been running since Monday without any issue. Appreciate the support and communication with Dan.

    Very pleased to have finally moved to this version from the Windows I have been running on a virtual machine on my mac, seems much better to me.
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