Quicken for Mac 5.17.3 was released several days ago. But, so far no one has commented on this

No one has commented on whether or not 5.17.3 has resolved the issues raised by 5.17, 5.17.1 and 5.17.2. I've been waited to update from 5.16.1. Is no new good news? A "thumbs up" post would be most welcome.


  • John_in_NC
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    You didn't specifically ask about an issue, so I don't know what you are referring to.

    If you go to Help:Release Notes, you will see detailed info about each release. Here is what it says about the 5.17.3 release:

  • Ken W.
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    Much thanks for your reply. My post was intentionally non-specific. It appears with each previous release of 5.17.x additional issues or other issues have cropped up and people quickly posted their problems. After the release of 5.17.3 there were no postings. That could possible be good news that no problems appeared of any type or just that people didn’t post their problems. If 5.17.3 is issue-free that’s great! However, since my current version of Quicken, 5.16.1 is working just fine I’m reluctant to fix an app that isn’t broken. Still, thank you for pointing me to the Release Notes for 5.17.3

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  • Ken W.
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    John: I appears that my concern was valid. Even though no one posted that they were experiencing problems with 5.17.3 Quicken did release version 5.17.4 today. Once again, I guess I'll wait to see what if any comments are posted regarding this latest update.
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    @Ken W.  Like most things with modern technology, there's always something better coming soon, and you can paralyze yourself into inaction. Today it's 5.17.4, and if you wait awhile for "safety," then 5.18 might come out and start the cycle over again. :)

    If you look at the note for 5.17.4, it apparently resolves a single very narrow problem involving adding attachments for users on macOS 10.11 and 10.12. Odds are it doesn't affect you, or probably 99% of Quicken Mac users. And the thing is, we don't know if there will be a 5.17.5 to fix more bugs, or if 5.18.0 with new features will be next -- nor how long until the next release.

    I think it's generally wise to wait for a few days when there's a major new release to see if users are posting about some significant problem. Generally, the "dot" releases that follow plug holes and fix things, although sometimes a fix for one thing breaks something else, begetting another fix. But you aren't generally going to find on this forum people reporting "I tried the x.x.x release today and, boy, does it work perfectly!" So in the absence of seeing a flurry of problem reports, it's generally safe to update. Unless you're in the 1% who use a specific combination of features that have a problem which previously escaped detection. ;)
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    Quicken for Mac 5.17.4 updated and encountered no problems. I know that folks usually only post regarding problems. Well, I'm posting about no problems. I finally decided to take the plunge and updated to version 5.17.4 and am very pleased that all appears well. I'm still glad I waited until the 5.17.4 version and I'm pleased with the update. :)
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    Hello @Ken W.

    I'm glad to hear the upgrade experience was positive and truly appreciate your taking the time to post back with the updated information :)

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