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Hello all! I'm slowly converting to Apple/Mac but I'm delaying it become of the quicken software; I'm not to fond of the Quicken for Mac. In Quicken for Window, I'm able to create a budget with selected categories. If the transaction doesn't fall within the category, it automatically is pulled form my "Everything Else" budget. Mac doesn't do this or I haven't found a way just yet. Example, under "Auto & Transport" I have "Auto Payments" and "Auto Insurance" budgeted. When I produce a transaction for "Auto & Transport:Car Wash", Quicken for Mac files the transaction under "Auto & Transport" in my budget; Quicken for Windows doesn't do that and places it under "Everything Else". Is there any way I can do what Quicken for Windows does for the Mac software?

Does this make since?

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  • John_in_NC
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    Hi, Christopher R. Melton-Bauman 

    No, there isn't a way to set a budget category for "Everything Else" or otherwise unbudgeted items. To track things, you have to explicitly set the categories to watch.

    That said, in your example, you mentioned budgeting "Auto & Transport." Note that you can include/exclude the parent category when selecting sub categories: This would allow you to track your "Auto Payments" and "Auto Insurance."

    Whether or not you have the parent category selected would determine if your car washes (or any other unspecified "Auto & Transport:xyz" transactions) would be included in the in the budget.) 
  • Hello John_in_NC,

    Hopefully Quicken will bring the unbudgeted to Mac. It's pointless to budget the small items that an individual doesn't use daily or even monthly or yearly for the matter.

    I've figured out that not selecting the parent category will only track what I've budgeted for; however, the cost for an item that I don't usually us, doesn't pull from my "misc spending".

    On the windows side, I budgeted in funds for purchases that are not every day like gifts. Helped make sure I didn't over spend for my overall monthly cap.

    Hopefully they bring it to Mac soon!
  • Perfect! Thank you so much for your reply!
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