What good is invoice items if you can't run a reports?


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    Linking accounts
  • Tom Young
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    I don't understand what you're saying here. 
    In Quicken "linking" usually refers to a checking Account linked to an investment Account, such that any transaction within the investment Account involving cash has the cash element of the transaction actually recorded in the linked checking Account. Are you saying that making an entry in your business checking Account affects every other Account in the Quicken file, somehow?
    I also don't understand what's happening when you "assign a category" in the business checking Account.  If you create a "business-only" Category and then use that Category in the business checking Account, how is that affecting all the other Accounts in the Quicken file.
    Please provide some clarification and some details.
  • Tom Young
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    The Quicken Community isn't some sort of knowledge base where a robot spits back some answers based on key words it's identified in your post. 

    What is it that you'd like to be able to do using the Quicken Business and Rental Tools that you don't seem to be able to do?

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