Quicken2015 on win 10

spotty Unconfirmed, Member
First off---if I have to buy 2020 to get it to work in win10--I will. But I do not use any online services so 2015 still works fine on my win7 desktop for normal entering and reports.

Anyway----I install 2015 on my new laptop win 10 dell----it installs fine---BUT---when I attempt to open my latest backup file-----I get a screen I have never seen before asking for: "sign in with your intuit ID". It will not open the file and I don't have a quicken or intuit ID. Never have and I have had quicken since 1997. I usually upgrade every 5 years or so.

SOOOooooo: is there a workaround or must I upgrade? Quicken support blames it in win10 but it is a quicken splash screen. Can anyone help?

thx and peace


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