Qckn improperly handling transactions

I have a brokerage account in which I sold one item and bought another for the same number of shares and the same price. Quicken is wreaking havoc on that transaction.

First there was an Uncategorized _Rlzd Loss (or something similar, that info now doesn't show up. -sigh.)

Now it just shows up as a loss of $xxxx. This is only (and has always since the purchase) visible after looking and the HOME button screen, and the monthly income/expense chart.

Yes, just another annoyance, but, can we get this fixed?
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    @MichaelGa  No, it won't get fixed based on your post here. First, this isn't Quicken Support. You can contact them by phone or chat. If they are unable to resolve your issue, they have the capability to escalate an issue. You can also report a problem in Quicken using the Report a Problem option on the Help menu. You won't get a reply, and you must be able to describe what happened in enough detail and specificity that they are able to reproduce the problem, or it won't get dealt with.

    If you'd like to pursue the issue here to see if fellow users can help troubleshoot this problem, please post back with more information. What version of Quicken are you running? What's the brokerage company? Did you download the transactions or enter them manually. Could you detail the transactions? Screenshots (obscuring and confidential data) can be helpful.
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