Exporting Bills and Income to File

I'm on build Deluxe and noticed the Bills & Income (ctrl+p) or the File export no longer works.

I've previously been able to export my bills to a flat file, and in current version of app can no longer do so. Printing to PDF works as long as i deactivate online services.

I have contacted support, did a clean install, rebooted PC.. ran clean utilities. Validated my database and created a net new datbase adding 1 payor and it still doesn't work.

Can someone please test this and confirm it's a bug and fix it?

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  • oreome322
    oreome322 Member ✭✭
    CTRl+J is not the functionality I'm inquiring about.

    The functionality of CTRL+P and the file/export to TXT file is what is broke and what I need fixed.
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