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eBay has just made it mandatory for users to use its own financial system. eBay marketplace. I've been using eBay and accepting PayPal payments for over a decade and kept all my financials in quicken. So far it looks like the only bookkeeping software that can be used with this new system is GoDaddy accounting. Is there any word on when quicken will be able to sync with eBay? I'm running 2020 deluxe.


  • jacobs
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    Quicken can only work with eBay if eBay agrees to sign on with Quicken; Quicken can't do it on their own. So eBay users like you need to direct feedback to eBay to work with Quicken. (The simplest form, allowing users to download a file which can be imported into Quicken, doesn't cost the company anything; they just need to sign on to be a supporting financial institution.)
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