Converting Windows to Mac - stuck on "Exporting Data from Quicken Windows"

I would love to transition to the Mac version instead of using Parallels/Windows version. I currently have the Home, Business and Rental Properties, but my businesses are in LLCs and separate Quicken files so I think I can make the regular Mac version work for least I want to try. I converted a small LLC and was "playing around" and decided to delete everything and reconvert it (everything I was doing is with copied quicken files to make sure I do not mess up my WIndows version). I actually converted a couple of times fine...some quirks, but I was able to work through them. Now, when I try with the one I already did a couple of time...and, an LLC I am converting for the first time, it is stuck "Exporting Data from Quicken WIndows"....these are small LLCs and converted within seconds has been on this screen for over an hour. I have even deleted the Quicken for Mac application and redownloaded. Any suggestions?


  • Screen that conversion is stuck on.
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    This might be a basic question, but are you moving a copy of your respective Windows QDF over to a (non shared) drive on your Mac from Parallels before you try the conversion?

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I copied the Windows QDF to my "Dropbox" folder on my MacBook Plus for the 2 times it worked, but think I had moved it to "My Documents" folder for the times it did not work. I just tried it again moving to "Dropbox" folder and encountered the same problem.
  • fyi - When I retried in the Dropbox folder, I gave it a new name to make sure it was not somehow getting mixed up with files already on my Mac.
  • I said "Moved", but I was "Copying"...I still have the working WIndows QDF
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    Can you try two things to try to eliminate the chance that it's a permissions issue: (1) ZIP your Windows data file before you move it, and (2) put the file on your Desktop and unzip it before trying to convert it. Also, have you taken all the step in the article on converting from Windows to Mac? (Even if it worked fine when you first tried it, if you haven't taken those steps, you might try them now.)
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  • Thanks for the ideas. 1) & 2) I tried this and it still did not work. Re: Steps in the Article: For the 1st one I tried, I forgot to loaded, but one of the accounts dropped out. I validated and tried again...I think it loaded after this time, but the account still dropped out...I figured out how to fix it, but I have one huge Quicken file that it would not be practical to fix, so I tried a 3rd time. In the help menu, there is ALOT of steps listed for the conversion...I started doing all those (like making sure no account names are greater than 15 characters, no password)...I started making these changes. but realized how many accounts that converted perfectly were being changed, I stopped. I did remove the password and changed the name of the one account that was not loading. It was after this that it would not convert at all any more. And, a different one would not convert either. I am beginning to think that it is something with the Quicken indicates is used for the conversion as it gets through several steps before it gets to preparing you know if this is possible reason and how to check it?
  • I was able to export the transactions QFX and upload them. I got the same result as the first time I did the QDF option the first time. I'll try my LLC with investments tomorrow. Hopefully, that will go smoothly. Thanks for the suggestions.
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