Incorrect association in investment accounts

First 2 pieces of background to set the stage.
1. I have an investment for my 529 account that does not have a ticker symbol. So I manually enter prices etc. Holder of 529 is not a quicken partner. So it is all manual.
2. I recently rolled over my 401(k) to my IRA and because the value of my account is now past a given number i am able to invest differently. Under the guidance and advice of my financial advisor a lot of stuff was moved around.

What happened.
All the transactions from my IRA were brought down and I am now invested in different investments. Quicken asked me if new investment xxxx was the same as something I already had. Since these were all new I thought I had choose the second option on the screen to say no this is a new investment. However, it appears that one of them linked to the investment name from my 529. so now both my 529 is getting wrong values and the investment name in my IRA is incorrect.

Is there a way to dis associate these two from each other so my manual 529 investment goes back to being all manual and my IRA can get the correct name for the investment?

Yes I know I could go load in a backup before this stuff was imported...... but not really wanting to re-enter all that has transpired in the mean time.


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    re: the move from your 401k to your IRA, were SECURITIES moved ... or were securities in the 401k sold and cash moved to the IRA?
    IF securities were moved, were they the SAME as the retail version of those securities?  Many 401k trustees have "pseudo-secuties", that may have the same NAME as retail securities ... but they don't have the same ticker and they don't have the same prices/quotes.  These pseudo-securities are, frequently, denominated in "UNIT" instead of shares.

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    Securities sold check issued and deposited at financial institution holding my IRA. So from looking at the IRA looks like a big deposit and then a lot of sales of old classes of investments and purchase several new investments.
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    Thank you very much. I think that resolved my issue.
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