Can Quicken please fix the astounding inconsistencies of Field names ??

Quicken Windows 10 desktop Home & Business subscription user.

(i) Desktop register view, (ii) Export to Excel from desktop, (iii) mobile app, (iv) web app, and (v) possibly even Desktop other views... ALL have different names / headings for some fields. And that's just within Quicken Windows; perhaps Quicken for Mac has yet more.

The demerits of randomly having different field names in diff places is are obvious. Might be understandable if you were 5 companies that merged recently (but I dont believe that's the case). I'm sure you have historic/ legacy reasons for these inconsistencies but you need to show stronger IT / development / product leadership and conform this.

These design inconsistencies are probably also the reason that some of my bank feeds download lesser "reference/ description/ memo/ notes" info into Quicken (than they do into another similar software). If your messaging is inconsistent then developers on the bank side will often fail to feed the right fields to you; and only the most critical fields get debugged, sp the quality of overall feed ends up poor.

1) "Notes" in Mobile Web app does not mean "Notes" in Dektop; it means "Memo" in desktop.
2) That applies to "Notes" within a sub-line of a split transaction as well.
3) "Tax Line item" in Desktop vs "Tax item" in Excel export.
4) "Check #" in Desktop vs "Num" in Excel export.
5) "Payee" in Desktop vs "Description" in Excel export.

Similar naming inconsistencies in other areas (other than field names) perhaps.

I'm loving Quicken, but hoping that some of these obvious quirks can be improved to widen Quicken's appeal.

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