Will Bill Manager convert checks to ACH like Bill Pay?

Bill pay would convert check payments to ACH (electronic payments) in 95% of the time. Will check payments do the same?

Check payments does not work with my banks (ARVEST) online payments system.

I have no intention of putting my my login information on your system for online billing.
--Every time the biller requires an new password I would have to update Online Billing also
--Several of my billers have gone to two factor sign-ons (enter a code sent via email or
text). No way to do that with Online Billing.

Bill pay would make sure a date entered with manual payment (check) would arrive by that date. Check Payment cut the check on the date I entered with arrival at the destination 7-10 days later. Imagine my surprise when I found this out. Additionally, the date entered would have no effect if Bill Pay changed the payment from a check to ACH (electronic payment).

The current restriction of 6 checks per month (entered not scheduled) is unacceptable. If I wanted to schedule the next three months of payments. All three would count against this months limit of 6, a severe restriction on making payments.


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    Hello @dmcali

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your question although I apologize that you haven't received a response.

    When making a payment using the Check Pay, the payment will be via check and it will not be converted to an electronic payment. This ability to send a paper check is a feature of using Check pay.


    While most billers now accept electronic payments (like the ones made with Quick Pay), Check Pay gives you the option to make check payments to billers and parties that cannot accept an electronic payment, such as a gardener or local service companies. 

    I do apologize for any frustration that this change has caused. While at the moment there is no ability to add more payments, are working as quickly as possible to add this feature.

    -Quicken Tyka

  • dmcali
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    Since I won't be getting my bills via online means, then how can use Quick Pay to pay the bills I receive in the mail?
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    Hello @dmcali

    Thank you for the response and the question. 

    To use Quick Pay an online bill will need to be added for the biller in question.


    Quick Pay
    : Send electronic payments to billers (payees) who have online accounts accessible by Quicken. This includes over 11,000 billers. 

    If you do not wish to sign in to the online billers or they are unsupported you may need to explore other avenues of paying these particular bills.

    You may also consider looking to see if any of your financial institutions support Direct Connect Bill Pay.

    I hope this clarifies! 
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