Option trades no longer recognized downloading from Fidelity

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I trade options which have a distinct symbol for each strike and expiration so have built up a large number in my list of securities. When closing out a trade, Quicken used to do a good job creating the corresponding security and though the matching of the closing trade was still manual it used to suggest a match that was right fairly often. Now Quicken has just stopped recognizing any option transaction, so it downloads as an unidentified security. Because I trade a fair number of options, now it has become a problem keeping track of the trades and reconciling accounts because all options are called "unidentified security" and share the same price history.

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    For the past 4 weeks, many of my downloaded options trades has downloaded as Unidentified security. Strangely the memo field always shows the correct security info. So for now I copy and paste the memo info into the security field. Was there an update about 4 weeks ago that would have caused this problem?
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    What exactly are the steps proposed to fix this problem?
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    Hello @roger4man

    Thank you for the question! The link above is difficult to see due to recent changes in the forum.

    Hello @ rajeev48105

    Thank you for posting in the Community though I’m sorry that you are having this issue with the investment feature. I believe the steps provided in this article should resolve the issue. Please let us know if the issue persists.

    Thank you

    - Quicken Diana

    I have bolded the initial link. Please let us know if these steps solve your issue!

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