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    Payee field gets truncated too much (to distinguish one from others) for several, common transactions, especially these THREE: (These cases should to be truncated from the left, not the right, like with the PayPal solution!)

    Credit card payment via PayPal works well --- this was an obvious fix to (ignore the "PayPal" prefix and) just get to the recipient value; this same exact fix is needed for some Bank checking account items -- specifically, do the PayPal fix for Zelle transactions (to reveal the payee behind it); also, unique credit card payments (for several VISA or MC cards) to get to the type of card and last 4-digits of the credit card number. Without this "FIX", I must manually determine the correct name (after checking my personal, manual records) which affects the category desired (and, thus, eventual reports).
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    @DonF888  Are you saying the extra characters are in Quicken but not visible in the width of your Payee column? Or, what I think you're saying: the Payee name is truncated upon import.

    Assuming the latter, please click on one or more of these transactions and open the Transaction Inspector (View > Show Inspector) and take a look near the bottom of the window in the field called Statement Payee. This is the exact Payee name received by Quicken from the financial institution. If it contains the detail you want it to, then it's something that can be addressed by Quicken (or possibly by you with renaming rules). But if the Statement Payee is truncated, your beef is with the financial institution, not Quicken. Quicken can't fix what it doesn't receive.
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    @Jacobs You are right -- it was the latter. The downloaded payee field from BofA is truncated; this pretty well sucks, since all the Zelle transactions are too long to fit the trailing (suffix) details in the bank's 32-character payee-download limit. Same this happens with numerous other transactions -- like different credit card payments or our SSA deposits, to distinguish between various, significant suffix values (ie, credit card # or person-payee). Not a "huge" deal for credit card transfers or SSA deposits, but it is a huge pain with Zelle transfers, as they are vastly different expense categories! MY newly-discovered WORK-AROUND is to edit the description/payee field thru online banking -- just discovered that works, so the various recipients' payee field can be "manipulated" prior to the daily online account update cycle... What a pain!!! (I will complain to BofA, see how far that goes,,, ha, ha!) THANKS, for the clue about transaction inspector!
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