Since updating to 28.10 the security detail Y axis starts at zero instead of the lowest period value

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  • djacobowitz
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    Since updating to 28.10, the security detail Y axis starts at zero instead of the lowest period value. This causes the graph to be a flat line instead of the more intuitive graph in prior versions. Rolling back to 27.42 restores the graph to the desired display without effect to data file. Please restore the detail graph display to what it was in 27.42
  • Jim_Harman
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    Please see this Idea post

    and add your vote by clicking on the little up arrow under the number in the big blue box.
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  • Amy
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    Why do we need to vote on this? It should be obvious that fixing the Y-axis to zero makes graphs of securities with large values or prices useless for shorter time periods. On price charts, the candlestick indicators become decimal points at the top of the graph area, regardless of the time frame selected. On value charts, for moderate or short time frames, there is just a flat line in the top area of the graph. Graphs are intended to convey trend information, with this change all you can infer for many securities is "no change".

    The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is disproven with this change. PLEASE BACK OUT THIS CHANGE
  • Jim_Harman
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    We need to vote on it because it was apparently an intentional change on Quicken's part introduced recently along with other changes to the security detail view, and thus changing it back would be an improvement, not a bug fix.
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  • jwschmalz
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    This is an old topic and I have already voted in the idea post Jim H sited above, but I'd just like to say I was very happy to see a "Y-axis at zero" check off button in the Portfolio Value graph in the new Dashboard in version R35.23. Nice solution! It doesn't clutter the graph and make the graphs more useful. Well done! I hope to see a similar feature in price history graphs for individual securities.
  • garysmith87
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    However, the new Dashboard in R35.23 does NOT remember the check off button for "Y-axis at zero". It always defaults to checked.

    I prefer to have it unchecked. If I exit Quicken and then re-open Quicken, I have to uncheck the setting again...even though I've unchecked it in my previous session.

    Please make this setting stick...either checked or unchecked depending on the "status" when exiting Quicken.

    And once again, like the Portfolio Dashboard, there is no setting for a date for the investment panes. Therefore, funds that get updated overnight or the next day always show zero. Or if you view them on the weekend when there are no security price updates due to the markets being closed.

    There needs to be a date dropdown box for those investment panes...and for the Portfolio actually make this useful.

    What good are these when I look at them on Saturday or Sunday?