How do I create a home project budget that's not based on time AND get a Actual vs. Budget report?

I’m struggling trying to figure out how to create a home project based budget that is not based on time?
I’m about to renovate my kitchen and want to setup a budget that allows me to specify a budget for the Counter top replacement, the backsplash replacement, repainting the kitchen, etc.

So for example if I allocate $3,000 for replacing the kitchen Counter top and next week I spend $1,000 on the counter top slab and then the following month I spend $600 on demolition, I want to be able to see a simple report that shows for that budget line item that I budgeted $3,000 and to date spent $1,600 and have $1.400 left.

I've setup categories and budgets allocations for each of the line items. I then set the full budget amount for each category in the month that I will start the project and set it to rollover each month after that. The catch is that the "Current Budget" report when the interval is set to "Annual" ends up giving me 3 columns for 2020 when all I need is one. What am I doing wrong?!?!?

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    Thank you! THAT was the missing piece of the puzzle. So glad I came here to pose this question. When I went through chat support I was told this could not be done and needed to submit a Request for Enhancement. :-(
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