R28.16 why has the upcoming bill indicator not showing up page with all my accounts?

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I was told that I now have to use the "Bills, Income and Transfer now to see what is due. There there is an option to mark "ALL OVERDUE" as paid. That does not delete ALL of them. Is there a way to go back to the previous version of R18-16 that was working just fine for me.

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  • joh1135
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    A new kink, it the Bills, Income and Transfer after clicking on the down arrow next to Enter, there is an option to add the information to reminders. There is no where to find ALL my reminders listed anywhere that I can find under Tools which is where it was (I think)
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    Hi @joh1135,

    If you want to revert to a prior version, go to Quicken Patches and apply the patch of your choice.  BTW- as always - make sure you backup your file before hand.


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