R28.16 installation issues?

I was prompted yesterday to update to R28.16 which I accepted without question. I did not immediately realize that Quicken opened for me to begin working while the update was apparently still in progress in the background. I now have a small imbalance in my primary checking account that makes no sense (no unreconciled transactions). Has anyone else encountered similar issues with this revision?
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  • GeoffG
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    Quicken does not have the ability to update in the background. It must close to install the update, then reopen.
    It has been reported that this update has downloaded previously accepted transactions and this may be what is causing your issue. I would suggest restoring your data file to just prior to the update.
  • Baxtermcc
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    Thank you for the reply.

    I have to say that after opening the affected account in my file in an attempt to reconcile multiple times, and each time finding the Difference changing (growing) each time I attempted to close Quicken and received an error saying it could not close because an update was in progress. That was the basis for my comment about updating in the background, I was given access to my file while the update seems to have been in progress. I have never had access to my file while an update is installed, only after the install/update is complete.

    A restore from my most recent backup did not correctly the problem. And led to additional account questions.

    I balance all of my accounts daily so I believe very strongly this was not a latent account issue but a problem introduced with the R28.16 installation.

    Today I found my bi-weekly paycheck no longer placed two direct deposits into the correct accounts. The deductions were listed in the splits, but the account names were blank.
  • Boatnmaniac
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    @Baxtermcc - There was an issue for a number of users in which some transactions were not downloading during OSU.  Once a transaction did not download, it would not download in the future, either.  One of the things included in R28.16 was a fix for this.
    Unfortunately, for at least some users the fix appears to have resulted in transactions being entered into registers that were duplicates of what had previously been downloaded.  The duplicate transactions need to be manually deleted.  Once this is done, future OSU downloads should not cause duplicates to be entered into registers.
    Not going through this process and instead running OSU on a restored backup file will also result in duplicates being entered into registers.
    Unless you changed the Clr column status of your newly downloaded transactions to R, your newly downloaded and accepted transactions should have a C status which you can do a mass delete of:
    • Before you proceed, backup your file in case something goes wrong.
    • Make sure if you have any new transactions that are not duplicates that you want to keep that you change the Clr status from C to R.
    • Then filter your register by clicking on the Clr column header so all transactions will be grouped by status. 
    • Left click on the 1st C status transaction in the register to highlight it.
    • Scroll down to the last C status transaction and while holding down the Shift key left click on it.  All of your C status transactions should now be highlighted.
    • Right click anywhere on the highlighted transactions and then click on delete.  This will delete all of the C status transactions and your register balance should again be accurate.
    Question regarding your paycheck:  Have you confirmed that the paycheck transaction in your register is not a downloaded duplicate of the reminder transaction?  A duplicate downloaded transaction might pull data from the Memorized Payees list and that could cause the categories (especially if they were transfer categories) to be blank or otherwise incorrect.  If it is a duplicate, delete it manually or with the process spelled out above.

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  • Boatnmaniac
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    @Baxtermcc - If your paycheck transaction is not a duplicate, do you have Mobile & Web turned on?  I saw a post in which a @Ajay said he was able to fix his paycheck transactions by turning off Mobile & Web.  You can see his post on the 3rd page at https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7872816/paycheck-splits-are-removed-cleared-when-syncing-with-cloud-and-includes-401k-line-item/p3.

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  • markus1957
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    I experienced the duplicate download issue.  The easiest way to remove them is to sort the register by Date Entered using the gear icon.  The newly downloaded transactions will be at the end of the register.  Bulk delete them, after checking for and setting aside any new transactions since your previous download.
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