What does green dot next to account name after updating?

Just started showing up. No new downloaded transactions

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    (Edited to add a note below in italics.)
    @rbeau17a - Regarding the 2nd part of your post ("No new downloaded transactions."):  Were you expecting there to be new downloaded transactions?  If so, there has been an issue in which some, all or no transactions are getting downloaded for some accounts for some users.  If this is your situation, R28.16 includes a fix for that.  If your Quicken is not at R28.16 you might want to consider updating to it from within Quicken (Help > Check for Updates) or by downloading and installing the Mondo Patch at https://www.quicken.com/support/update-and-patch-20182019-release-quicken-windows-subscription-product.  There is also a nice summary of the main fixes/changes in R28.16 that can be viewed from this Monday Patch page.
    Note regarding R28.16:  Some users have reported that the first time they run OSU after installing R28.16 there are transactions downloaded that are duplicates of what is already entered in registers.  Duplicate transactions will need to be manually deleted...just be sure not to delete any new, non-duplicate transactions.  Once this is done, downloading of duplicate transactions should not occur, again.

    (QWin Premier Subscription: R52.28 on Windows 11)

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