How to move deposits from investment account to checking account ?

After rebuilding my file last year using the qif export import function, I have 1 year of deposits categorized as misc income/salary:gross in an IRA account. These should be in my checking account. The move transaction function does not bring up my checking account as a transfer option. Any ideas other than deleting and re-entering manually ? Thanks


  • Frankx
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    Hi @sailerph2,

    Quicken does not allow the transfer or moving of transactions from an investment account to any other account type (i.e. bank account, asset account, liability account, etc.

    Theoretically, if you still have the .qif file that you used in your "rebuilding" process, you might be able edit to isolate only those payroll transactions, and then import them into the correct checking account.  Although I have to say that I haven't tried that myself, so whatever you do, make sure that you backup your data file first.

    Let me know if you have any followups.


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  • UKR
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    Do I understand you correctly ... these transactions should have been part of your regular paycheck's retirement contributions?
    If so, then your paycheck deposit in the checking account should contain a Split line with a transfer to [IRA Account name here]. What happened to it?
    You can't move these transactions out of the IRA account. That would mess up your account balance in both IRA and checking accounts.
    You need to fix the paycheck split to make it a proper transfer transaction. After that, in your IRA account, you need to delete the existing transaction categorized to misc income/salary:gross

  • q_lurker
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    My recollection had been that normally split transactions don't work within QIF imports.  That may not be fully true.

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