Is there a way to always have downloaded payee name instead of Quicken name?

Is there a way to always have the downloaded payee name download into the register instead of the Quicken chosen name? I have set up renaming rules for most of my downloaded transactions and it works well. However, occasionally, the downloaded name selected by Quicken is for multiple businesses, i.e. it says "Willow Street" as the payee name but it is sometimes for Willow Street Gas Station or Willow Street Turkey Hill or Willow Street Restaurant. I can't set up a renaming rule for "Willow Street' as I don't know which "Willow Street" businesses it just downloaded. I have to right click on the name and choose Revert to Downloaded Payee Name in order to figure out which "Willow Street" business it is. Is there a way to always use the Downloaded Payee Name reversion?


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