How can I get a category (Travel) changed from Income to Expense In Income/Expense Report?

I use 2020 Win 4 Home/Bus/Rental. My Income/Expense by Category splits my Travel category into both Income & Expense. It should be Expense only. How do I fix it?


  • GeoffG
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    It would appear that you may have created a category as income. If you go to the Category List and select Income, you should see it. You will need to move any transactions to another category if the count is not zero. Select the "click" icon under the Actions column, then Delete. 
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    I suggest you review the tax-line item associated with the impacted transaction entries.  Quicken will associate income related tax-line items with income and expense related tax-line items with expense in reports overruling the type of the category.
  • Thanks for the input. I will work on these items later today and see if they work.
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