After update, an account fails with OL-310-A error

I consistently get an error when attempting to connect to my primary checking account. Error is OL-310-A 'Financial institution failed to recognize the account XXXXXX' Funny thing is, the data appears in the download screen, but banking instructions (online transfer) are not uploaded.

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    Hi @gasbdude,

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    An OL-310 error means your financial institution cannot recognize the account.

    First thing to look at would be the account information in Account Details matches with what the bank has. You can get there by going up to Tools > Account List > select Edit for the specific account > under the General tab. Compare the information and make any necessary changes.

    If there are no discrepancies and no updates required, you will need to contact your financial institution to resolve this issue. Quicken does not have access to the bank's servers to correct the problem.

    Please feel free to respond to this thread with any additional questions or concerns.

  • gasbdude
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    Thanks for the reply. All of the data downloads from the account just fine. I changed the online transfer request to an online payment request and it processed normally. So the issue is with online transfers being created in Quicken that aren’t recognized by the bank. I submit that it’s a coding error in Quicken, since everything else about the account connection is working. The OL-310 error is the best fit that the software has for the issue causing the fault.
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