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Is there a way to share just the Business information with an accountant? I want to have my accountant to manage that and not have access to all my personal account information.

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    Dang, that sucks. Guess I need to spend the extra money and get QuickBooks.
  • You could create a "Report" that contains just the business info. It gives you the option to Export or Email to various formats such as Excel, PDF, or Text. These could be shared with your accountant.
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    Or, you could start a separate Quicken file that only contains the business activity, and send them that file.  Any money you pull from the business or put into the business would swing through an Account called something like "Cash To/From Owner."
    You'd have that same Account in what is now your strictly "personal" Quicken file and the entries in this Account would be exactly the same, except in opposite directions.  So if you took $1,000 from the business checking account the entries would be:
    Debit (increase) Personal checking Account               $1,000
    Credit Cash To/From Owner Account                          $1,000
    Debit Cash To/From Owner Account                           $1,000
    Credit (decrease) Business checking Account           $1,000

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