Does re-install of QW2016 from DVD overwrite existing QDF data?

It appears that my QW2017 is corrupted in that it will open and function until an Exit is attempted, then it freezes the computer. Data validation show no errors for the QDF file.

Will I lose the old data (QDF or Backups folder) if I perform a new install from my DVD?

Is copying the QDF file off the computer enough to begin life over again after reinstalling the QW2017 and the QDF file, or do I need to Uninstall from Control Panel?

Many thanks.

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  • Sherlock
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    You should not lose the old data (QDF or Backups folder) when you uninstall, install and update Quicken.

    What do you mean by freezes the computer?

    To exit Quicken, I suggest left-clicking on the X in the application's title bar.

    If the issue persists, you may determine if the issue is specific to the Quicken file or the Quicken program using a new Quicken file created for the purpose: select File > New Quicken File...

    If the issue is specific to the Quicken file, you may want to review:

    Otherwise, you may perform a clean uninstall, install while disconnected from the internet and update of Quicken.  If you haven’t already, you may want to review:  To update Quicken, I suggest you download and apply the appropriate Mondo patch from:

  • GoodOleBob
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    > What do you mean by freezes the computer?
    Upon "Exit" the register data disappears from screen, the cursor moves but no action possible. No keyboard response except <Ctrl><Alt><Del>. Task Managaer shows "QW.EXE Not Responding".

    > To exit Quicken, I suggest left-clicking on the X in the application's title bar.
    No response to doing that.

    Is it possible that the database may have become too large? I have not removed past years, and it's about 38 mb. I did run the repair on the QDF showing no problem.

    Many thanks. I plan to proceed with the re-install knowing that the data will not be lost. However, I will make a copy of the QDF file on a thumb drive "just in case".

    Again, I sure do appreciate your thorough response. : )
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