R28.18 installed; Quicken no longer opens correctly

Installed R28.18. Quicken no longer opens correctly.

- On launch, the Quicken splash appears. The system hangs for a few seconds.
- A "latest version already installed" message appears.
- Clicked OK, the message box disappears. No Quicken.

- Relaunched Quicken
- Eventually the Main screen opens all grey / white. Q then hangs for a couple of minutes.
- Eventually two menu items appear: File and Help. Q then hangs again.
- The frame of the Quicken ID login screen appears, then hangs; no boxes or labels for ID or Password
- QW appears in task manager as "Not Responding", but it's nipping some CPU seconds
- Nothing further happens. Just sits at the frame of the Quicken ID login. No way to close or shut down
- Killed the Quicken task in task manager

- Relaunched Quicken
- Main screen opens all grey / white. Q then hands for a couple of minutes
- Eventually two menu items appear: file and help. Q then hangs again
- The Quicken ID login screen appears, this time with ID and password labels and entry boxes
- Entered ID and Password
- Quicken then opens "normally"

This above process seems to happen after every time the computer is shut off / restarted. Once Quicken is open using the above "procedure", it will work correctly: meaning... if Quicken is shut down and then relaunched with no shut down of the computer it will reopen "normally". But if Quicken is shut down, and the computer is turned off, Quicken will not open correctly the next time it is launched; the above "procedure" must be followed.

Very annoying.

What gives?

How to fix?


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  • linehant
    linehant Member ✭✭
    That took care of the problem. Many thanks!!
  • Boatnmaniac
    Boatnmaniac SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    @linehant - I'm glad it worked for you, too!
    (QW Premier Subscription: R42.21 on Windows 10)
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