"Select your existing data file to get started"

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  • jerryk1234
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    I have been ignoring this message for a while now. I keep my Quicken data files on my central Samba server. It's been that way for over 20 years. The server is kept backed up every night.

    Today, there was a Quicken update, and they now seem to be ENFORCING the "no remote files" credo. "Select your existing data file to get started", and the file browser window does NOT even present my remote drives as an option!

    People, this could be a deal breaker for me. I have been using Quicken since it was distributed on floppies. But I have my own credo that I don't trust desktop machines. I don't keep anything on my desktop Windows machine that I can't buy at the store.

    I have resisted going to other software because it's a LOT of work to change over.
  • jerryk1234
    jerryk1234 Member
    It seems that the "no remote files" rule is only enforced on the initial screen after the update. When I killed it and clicked on my Quicken icon on the windows command bar, it came up normally, with the usual warning. And there was a "Dont show me this again" box to click on. Click!
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    Is the data file on your server accessed with \\server-name\folder\... notation or did you map a drive letter to it, e.g., X:\folder\... ? Try the latter.
    Quicken does not support accessing a file on a server directly. It may be working well for you, but for others it has lead to file damage due to I/O errors along the way to the server.
    It might be safer if you moved your Quicken data file to the recommended place, C:\Users\username\Documents\Quicken and then configured the backup procedures in Quicken to direct the Manual Backup file created as you close Quicken "every [1] time" to your server.

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