Chase credit card payments are showing up twice in checking and CC registries.

Chase credit card payments are showing up twice in chkg. acct. register - one says Thank You Web and one says Chase ending in XYZ. Chase ending is cleared, Thank you web is uncleared. If I go to the CC acct. register, Thank you web transaction is cleared and Chase ending in XYZ is uncleared. So the cleared transactions are not matching. How do I fix this? Thank you!

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  • briggja
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    Thank you Natalie. I have a 2018 Quicken Starter Addition, 2020 V R28.18 Build
    I compared the downloaded transaction IDs as suggested. There is a transaction ID for one of the entries in each register. However, they do not match and again, they are for different transactions - The download ID in the check. acct. register is for the Thank You web payment. The download ID in the CC register is for the Chase ending in payment. Maybe I did not change the CC account correctly when I had to get a new card. I will contact Quicken support as suggested.
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