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Report Organized by Investing Goal

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  • tgkyros
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    Is this issue still being debated? I'm surprised there isn't a better approach. In the real world, don't most investors have a retirement savings account at work, a 529 college account for kids, a "saving toward buying a house" account, etc? Instead of having to assign an investing goal to every security I buy in my 529 account, isn't it simpler (and more reflective of the real world) to assign an investing goal to the account itself?

    I see no way to create a single investment report which is organized by investing goal that produces anything like a meaningful result. Even if I were to painstakingly assign a goal to each individual security, the resulting report, sorted by goal, just gives me a list of securities under each goal. What I want to see is a report that has one section with 529 accounts. I'll see in that section, the accounts for each of my kids, with a total for each of them, then an overall total for 529 accounts. Then below that, a section for retirement savings - and I'll see my IRAs and 401ks, by account and then a total for all retirement savings -- etc. That doesn't seem possible in the current set-up.
  • Jim_Harman
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  • q_lurker
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    Is this issue still being debated? 
    Yes it is, without any clear resolution.  There are a multitude of discussions on various preferences.  What is clear to me is that a lot of users have different perspectives on how they'd like things to be.  

    ... don't most investors have a retirement savings account at work, a 529 college account for kids, a "saving toward buying a house" account, etc? 
    I can't speak to what "most investors have", but I will say I have never had an account focused on a single event, like buying a house.  I did have singular accounts for individual kids (pre-529 plan days).  So overall, I don't see goals for accounts as being valuable or "more reflective of the real world". 

    I agree there is not a single report that presents data as you would like.  But you certainly can create multiple reports (or multiple portfolio views within their limits) presenting information "by account" which would have the same overall effect as assigning goals to accounts. 

    "Within their limits" -- I believe there is still a limitation of 18 total portfolio views.   . 
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