An email address for help

Is there an email address to get help. The online links are not working, or they go in circles. I want to cancel my sub and get a refund.


  • Quicken Hugh
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    Contact support directly via telephone for help with your request.
  • davecovich
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    I live in New Zealand, I may have to ring, but I would rather not, this process should be easier.
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    Sorry, but there is no Q Support via email.  This forum, or Q Support at the link previously provided, are your options.
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    ... The online links are not working, or they go in circles. ...
    Your browser must allow popups from for chat or phone support popups to function

  • davecovich
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    Thank you all for trying. It was not a popup issue. The link to Mac help didn’t work when the PC one did. It was just dead. I think it may have been mainly a time zone issue. It took me 4 attempts over different days to finally get the Mac help dialogue to work. The person did help, but the response was minimal. There is no doubt in my mind the help system, for canceling at least, is hampering any easy access to help.
  • UKR
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    Did you finally get your refund?
    If you aren't past the 30 day refund window, there's an electronic form you can submit at
    There also is a special phone number listed in a popup when you select "How do I request a refund" which you can call M-F 8-5 Pacific Time.
    The biggest problem is that you're calling from New Zealand and Quicken really is only fully supported in the US and Canada. You will have to fudge the address in the form to fill out and hope that you are eligible for a credit card refund, if you paid by credit card. A paper check mailed to a fudged address may never reach you ... ;-(

  • davecovich
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    Thank you for the help and the link. Yes the Mac popup finally worked, so I got the refund.

    My Visa worked fine, I didn’t need post. NZ Post has a service that gives users a US address, so my address would have worked.

    I think it was a time zone issue mainly, although the Mac help link didn’t work when the PC seemed to.

    I had used earlier versions of Quicken for 15 years, ending about 20 years ago. My main problem was importing bank files. There were converters available for previous version, I didn’t find one that worked this time.

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    Thank you again for all your help.
    Stay safe virus wise
    Dave Covich
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