how can I revert to a previous version when bugs are in the latest version

The recent problem of mutual funds not updating till the next day began only after I allowed the most recent update. I didn't update for a week or so after it came out, but the next day the mutual fund update problem occured. It seems quite likely this last update is the problem.

How can I avoid the nagging for updates, and how can I roll back to the prior version?

This is exactly why I don't like forced updates.

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  • Thanks.

    I do image backups and restored an older version into a temp directory and was able to run it. The about then said an older version and yet still had the same mutual fund issue. So, I guess I'll just have to wait like everyone else :(
  • Mike Mallory
    Mike Mallory Member ✭✭
    > @splasher said:
    > @quickuser88
    > If you download and save the patch releases like I do from latest patch
    > , you can rerun it and revert to a previous release.Those patches are available at: Quicken Patches
    > You can prevent "forced updates" by setting your Windows UAC to a higher level which will allow you to decide when you want to apply the latest patch.BUT, as @Frankx stated, this current issue with mutual fund quotes downloading is not a Quicken release issue, but the quotes provider and is happening to all releases, just not the latest.

    Thanks man! You area a life saver. I just spent two days trying to get 'one step update' to work. Rolling back the update solved everything. I wish they wouldn't put these things out till they were adequately tested.
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