new update not describec?

Following OSU, I have a prompt "A free update to Quicken is available for Download. Link: See what's in this update." When I click on the link, the most recent update listed is R28.18, which is the version I have.  That suggests that there's a published production versio which is not documented in the release notes???


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    R28.23 has been offered to a limited number of users.  Once that number has been attained, they cut off others from downloading it.  This is a normal process for the Quicken team so they can get some final feedback on a new revision before releasing it to everyone.   Perhaps between the time you ran OSU and when you clicked on the link they reached their quantity limit.
    Or it might be that Quicken stopped additional downloads because of this Alert that was posted today:  Not everyone who has installed R28.23 is experiencing this issue (I am one of those who are not experiencing least, not yet) so it might not be an issue with R28.23 at all, but is maybe caused by something else.  If I were you, though, for now I'd just be happy that this download didn't work for you. 
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    Thank you.  I suspect the Quicken ID sign-in prompt is not specific to R28.23, since I've had that problem for the past two versions.  My symptom is that when I first launch Quicken after a cold boot of my PC, I get a sign-in prompt. After I sign in, the signing in process never completes.  If I X the signin prompt box with its "in progress" icon, I get another prompt, which again never completes. If I use Task Manager to End the Quicken task, and relaunch Quicken, everything works normally. And Quicken works normally until I reboot my computer. 

    Thanks again for the explanation.  I'll wait to update Quicken here ...
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    @[email protected] - I tend to agree with you that this QID issue is not unique to R28.23 but it does appear to have been "aggravated" by it since more people are reporting this issue and one of the "fixes" doesn't seem to be reliably working anymore for some people.
    The symptom you describe sounds similar to what is mentioned in the posted Alert:  "Some Users may also experience a "loop" where once they've signed in, the prompt to sign-in reappears multiple times."
    What I've seen others say is that they just keep clicking on the X sign on the prompt box that keeps popping up and eventually it stops popping up.  Then some have said that they "Sign in as a different user" and when prompted enter their current Quicken ID and PW and then the issue goes away for them and doesn't return. 

    Others are saying that this sign out / sign back in process isn't fixing the problem for them.  Not sure why it works for some but not for others.
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