Shares Transferred Between Accounts -order of cost lots in the porfolio view

When using the transaction type of Shares Transferred Between Accounts, I have found that the cost lots are not listed in order of the lot date, but rather in the order of the transfer transaction date. For example, I held the same stock in two different brokers which I recently combined. Those holdings had many lots with dates spanning years. When I moved the shares out of one broker and into the other, the cost lots of the shares moved are all listed at the bottom of the lot holdings list rather than by the various dates of the actual lot. There are lots purchased in 2005 listed at the bottom because they were transferred into the account recently, while lots purchased in 2020 are listed first, because they were purchased in that broker originally. Is there a way to change this so all cost lots of a stock are displayed in order of lot date on the portfolio view on the Investing tab? Thanks for any suggestions.


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    The "Added" transactions post in the "to" Account based on the date that the "Shares Transferred Between Accounts" wizard is invoked with the actual purchase date shown in the "Date acquired" field.  It really shouldn't affect anything programmatically other than the way those entries appear in the transaction list (register) so I'd be inclined to leave them alone. 
    As a practical matter having these Added transactions showing up currently reflect a real-world event: shares were moved from one broker to a different broker on that date.
    If you want to have them "line up" in the transaction list in order of actual purchase dates then you could simply edit each Added entry, changing the transaction date to the same date as the date acquired date.
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