Dragging & Resizing Window is Sluggish

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I have an older desktop running Windows 10, with 8GB of RAM and dual (identical) monitors.

I can have multiple apps running, such as Outlook, Excel, Adobe Reader, Chrome, Word, and Quicken, and all apps can be resized or dragged between monitors without as much as a slight hesitation. However, it can take upwards of 3 seconds to resize or move the Quicken app. I can even have a photo editor such as GIMP open and everything except Quicken is smooth as silk.

Anyone else have this issue, or any thoughts on what could be the culprit? It's been acting like this for quite some time now and It's getting annoying enough for me to see what can be done.


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  • DavidJ
    DavidJ Member ✭✭
    Thanks Chris. While I can't see the differences you've pointed out in my color scheme (or lack of one) I understand what your referring to. Has there been any discussion or acknowledgement of this issue by Quicken, and or a potential resolution?
  • Chris_QPW
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    @DavidJ I would say, don't expect any changes.  It has been pointed out many times that they shouldn't do it this way and they don't care.   To them the main thing is that Quicken "looks like" it works like what Microsoft can do.
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