Want to remove all QBM and start over

With the update I received today, my QBM information went bananas! Now I have no idea where things are and what the status is of payments I sent or may have sent. ?? So I wish to start over not that QBP is no longer an influence in my Quicken. How do I reset QBM and start over with a clean slate?
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  • I back up my file daily or when I have made changes in the register. Unfortunately, I do not save the previous backups
    There is the one payment account and I don't think I have successfully made any payments. However, I do have two entries in my register, both for State Farm ins that have check numbers I did not personally assign. The first is scheduled today with number 90101. Another is scheduled for October. I was hoping this would serve as a test case for me. The numbering is typical of what QBP would assign but I closed out that account via Quicken Bill Pay phone call so I don't know what it is.

    There are "two biller entries", both are State Farm with separate policy numbers, I have 5. I cannot connect with SF because of their 2 factor ID upon signing in. I have no option with them to disable 2FID. So both billers are frozen in QBM and will not delete.

    I have been using "Scheduler" to make auto entries in my register. They do seem to be linked to BM since if I delete one in Scheduler, it seems to disappear in BM. If a SKED entry is made to the register and I wish to send it I am warned I can't do that and must delete it and enter it within BM.

    This has all gotten very confusing for me and not an automatic transfer on 8/31 from BP to BM. I figured if I could start over with BM and make all entries tied to the old BP disappear, I might gain an understanding of what I can do and where I can do it. I had used QBP (Checkfree) since 1990 and had no issues with it. It seems to me that QBM might be a little more restrictive on what I can do and where I can enter it.

    Are you retaining the "Bill and Income Reminders" ("Scheduled") window or phasing it out.

    Ok, that will be all for now. And thank you for your quick response.
    Quicken user since 1. something DOS.
  • Ok, disregard all that. I think I am beginning to get the feel of it. My curiosity is with QBM and its data screens in some ways relate to the "Manage Bills and Income". It seems they do not seem to be handled the same way and create confusing results. When I schedule a payment within QBM then link it to a reminder (I create), the entry appears in the register and none of its fields can be edited (within the register) and that is ok, what I expect. Now I have gone through several of this type of entry and all is somewhat well. I find that some of my previous entries are now editable. I don't understand how they changed. If I enter scheduled items via the Manage bills and income drop-down, they will appear in the register (with the ability to edit the fields) and they may or may not show up within the QBM data screen. 1-2-3-4 what is the process i should use for making new entries of this type?
    Quicken user since 1. something DOS.
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