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How do you download all transactions from when the account was opened?

I accidentally deleted an account from my Quicken profile today. When I re-added it, it only downloaded transactions from my bank back to June of this year. How do I get all the earlier transactions to load?

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  • Frankx
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    Hi @Marcy,

    When did you last back-up your Quicken file?  I don't know how long you've been tracking your transactions for this bank account in Quicken, but if it has been a while (i.e. years rather than months) your options may be very limited if you don't have a good recent backup.

    There is a possibility - if your bank offers the ability to download transactions from their website going back for a long period (years) - to continue to use the current file and fill-in the history for this account by importing transactions, however that will likely be a more onerous task than restoring a recent backup.


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  • jacobs
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    @Marcy  Downloads are controlled by the financial institution, not Quicken. Typically, financial institutions allow downloading the past 90 days of transactions. Some offer the ability to download more history in a file; if your bank provides downloads in a .QFX format -- the only kind Quicken Mac can import -- that might give you an opportunity to get more of your history.

    That all said, my first question is: do you have backups of your Quicken data file? That's where I would be turning to resolve your problem. Even if you have to re-create some recent work, you'd have your entire bank history. Quicken automatically makes backups, unless you tell it not to. Any it always makes a backup when you install a program update, so if you've installed version 5.17.6 which was released this week, or 5.17.5 late last month, you would have an automatic backup create by Quicken. And if you use Mac Time Machine to backup your computer's data, that gives you the most fine control to grab the file as it existed yesterday, or even earlier today before the account was deleted. If you can revert to a recent backup, that would likely be easier than trying to re-create your bank transaction history, and perhaps the only way to get it all back.

    Quick public service message: if you don't use Time Machine, I strongly encourage it; it's built into your Mac, it runs automatically once you start it, and all you need to do is attach an external hard drive for your Time Machine backups. If you don't have an external hard drive, buy one; for less than $100 you'll be getting assurance that if your Mac or hard drive die or are corrupted, or you delete or mess up something accidentally, your important data has been backed up. No Mac user should be without it (or an online cloud backup like iDrive or Backblaze).
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