My online payments via Direct Connect (A new method for me a/o 9/2/2020) have not been made

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I have confirmed with both my bank technical support and Quicken support that I am set up for Direct Connect (new method for me as of 9/2/20 due to limited functions offered by the new Bill Manager) and as of this morning not one bill payment has been made. So, many past dues. In the Quicken register, I selected EFT under the check column as the type to send to my bank. Under Account list, Bill Manager and Direct Connect are both featured. Can anyone assist me in the Community?

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  • sshinr
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    That was EXACTLY the issue, Bill Manager had not been deactivated. After turning to Online Chat, and going to screen share with the agent, we deactivated the bank account, and the Bill Pay and Bill Manager accounts, reactivated the bank account and voila, the online payment option appeared in the check column for the first time. Very easy to edit the 11 bills from EFT to Send. Thanks
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    I'm glad to hear your issue is now resolved!  One suggestion:  If you haven't already done so, verify that the bill pays are set up properly in your online account.  You don't need to do this every time but it's always good to verify the first time...just to make sure everything is now working the way you want it to.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R55.15 on Windows 11)

  • sshinr
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    Thank you. Not sure how to verify that the bill pays are set up properly in my online account. I have just finished a call with my bank, as all of the 11 bills I had reentered for payment had an automatic default payment date to 9/15/20. Ten days? The agent cancelled each bill through the bank software, then I re-reentered again each bill through the quicken register screen and sure enough, I was able to select as early as 9/8/2020 for payment dates. The proof will happen on 9/8, to see if these payments are hitting my bank acct...
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