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Lastpass displays a warning about an insecure login to Quicken Web.  I can turn off this feature in Lastpass but that seems to defeat the purpose.  I'm not a web expert, so would like to hear from others.  Seems like Quicken should update their login process to be more secure.

From Lastpass site:

Why am I seeing the message, "LastPass has detected a login form that is insecure" when I visit a site?
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LastPass will display this warning message if your LastPass web browser extension Preferences are enabled to warn before autofilling on a form that is not secure. This means that the website you are visiting uses an insecure method to submit data (LastPass specifically looks for GET and mailto: methods on the page).

  • When prompted, you will have two options:
  • Click OK if you trust the website, which will allow LastPass to fill your stored login data.
  • Click Cancel if you do not trust the website and/or do not want LastPass to autofill. If desired, you can still manually fill your login data.
  • Additionally, you can enable or disable this setting in your Preferences by doing the following:

  • Click the LastPass icon  in your web browser toolbar, then go to Account Options > Extension Preferences > Advanced > Enable or Disable the setting Warn before filling insecure forms > Save.

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    Thank you I reported it via your feedback suggestion.
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