Migrating from windows to Mac

I'm a long time quicken for windows user trying to migrate to quicken for windows. I'm having problems importing my windows file to the Mac. Two of my accounts do not transfer correctly.

One is an brokerage account, the other is a checking account. The checking account is actually a money market fund at my brokerage. There are many transactions in the brokerage account of type divX, intX, soldX, buyX etc. that don't transfer correctly. In quicken for Mac they end up as transfers between the accounts but the original action is not entered into the brokerage account. For example, a divX (dividend and transfer transaction) from windows is imported as a transfer from the brokerage account to the checking account but there is no transaction entered for the dividend income. Hence, the brokerage account is wildly inaccurate

After a bit of research if found that divX, etc. is not supported on the Mac. OK, then the import program should convert, for example, a divX into a dividend transaction and a transfer. It only does half of the job. To me, that's a bug.

I contacted quicken support hoping for some help. The initial contact went well. I used the chat function and they had a tech person call me back pithing 15 minutes. Then things went downhill.

After I explained my problem to the tech he told that the problem was that my "home network and router are not connected with the quicken application". Huh?

I explained again, in great detail, what my problem was - the migration program didn't handle the transactions correctly. He then told me that my quicken application files were corrupted. I said, fine what can we do to fix it. He then went into a sales pitch.

For a one-time fee of $369.99 they would "repair all the files, data, programs, applications, banking and accounts, settings, link code, and quicken security settings. In addition they would 'clean up my network firewall, home network, router, wifi and internet). Not only would quicken work as it should but my internet would be much faster!

Now I had my doubts that this would help with the migration problem I was having. Would they inject code into the migration program to create the proper transactions? If they had such code why wasn't it already in the program.

He went on and on about how once I paid the $369.99 I'd never have to pay for a quicken subscription. At Amazon's current that's just over 5 years before I break even.

I declined his offer. I told him that I had already paid for a subscription assuming I'd have a working application. I didn't feel that I should have to pay for a 'fix'.

He told me I was wasting his time and hung up.

Now, I've been using computers for a long time (I started on an IBM 360). I've had my fair share of dealings with tech support people. This is, by far, the worst tech support experience I've ever had. I won't be calling them again.

If anyone knows a way to do a migration from windows to Mac that gets around the problems I've had I'd appreciate hearing about it.



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