Any new resolution on scheduling further than the current day?

Some bills i have no problems scheduling out to any day in the month i want then some just will not let you schedule past the current day. I am not a programmer and not coming down on Q but it seems like there should be a simple fix to this. All i wont is to set up my month so i wont missed any payments. I have the latest version of Q as of this posting. (R28.24)


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    Assuming you're referring to Quick Pay, the online biller determines the scheduling limit.

    If you want to schedule repeating online payments from within Quicken, I suggest you consider using one of the more than 500 financial institutions that support online bill payment using the Direct Connect connection method. 

    Otherwise, I suggest you consider most online billers may be set to automatically charge a credit card or withdraw from a checking account and most financial institutions provide free bill pay services.  
  • Thanks for your response. Yes i was talking about quick pay. What i did was, with the payees that wouldn't allow me to pay out in the future, i went ahead and use check pay to say how this will work. Although i am not fimiliar with the web connect feature, i will explore this option also.
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