Wrong Backup File Opens After Update

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  • bvillani
    :( When automatic updates arrive, a previous backup is brought up which does not include Bill Pay Manager. I have to pull the most recent backup that includes previous Bill Manager setup. It happens every time I allow Quicken to update. Any thoughts? Thank you.
  • UKR
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    How, exactly, are you starting Quicken?
    By using the Q program icon on the Desktop or Start Menu?
    Or by double-clicking a Quicken data file by name from Windows File Explorer or a Desktop icon representing a file and not the program?
    Have you ever customized the Q program icon to point to a specific file or folder other than the one that you now wish to use?
    It appears to me as if you're always overriding a memorized default file name and thus and old file is selected.

    Edit with Notepad or any other ASCII text editor the file
    or "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Intuit\Quicken\config\QUSER.INI" for older Quicken versions. Replace "username" in the path with your Windows account name.

    In this file you will find lines looking similar to these:


    The file numbered "1=" is the one which Quicken will start with by default, when started from the program icon. Is this the correct one? Or should there be another one in its place?

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