How can I withdraw funds from an investment account?

Last year (and many prior years), I was able to withdraw funds from an account’s cash balance for purposes such as paying taxes or fees. These funds would simply disappear from Quicken to a “Payee”. The “Payee” is different than an “Account”. Now Quicken has removed the “Withdraw” action and requires me to transfer funds to another account with a “WithdrawX” (Withdraw and Transfer).

A potential work-around is to use “Remove” rather than “Withdraw” shares from an account. Unfortunately, “Remove” only records the removal of shares without affecting the cash balance. It also does not allow me to specify the Category of expense. e.g., “Invest Exp”. Totally unacceptable.

How can I reinstate the former “Withdraw” functionality?

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  • Jardon2
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    Many thanks. Your simple solution solved my problem. Case closed. Thanks for your quick and accurate response. :)