How does QBM actually pay bills?

Hello. I'm a longtime Quicken and billpay user. Billpay mostly worked fine and delivered my payments correctly and on time. Now that QBM is being used I have encountered several problems. First I got an email from Chase (my mortgage holder) saying that direct access to my checking account was being setup. I did NOT initiate this, neither did Chase or my bank. I have cancelled this with Chase and instructed my bank NOT to honor these payments. Next I noticed that one of my utility bills had been paid using SpeedPay. I had not done this either, but I had setup the bill in QBM. Lastly, I received an email saying my credit card payment could not be completed because my account was locked. My credit card account is NOT locked, but I do use 2FA for added security. Now my credit card payment is late and I will be charged a late fee.

It seems like QBM is using my login credentials, entered into the online bills, to log onto these sites and use some kind of bot or script to try and pay my bills directly through the website. This is NOT OK. If I would have wanted my creditors to have direct access to my bank account I would have done it myself. I feel this puts a much greater risk of unauthorized access to my bank account because if one of these sites/companies is compromised my bank account could also be compromised.

Does anyone know if QBM uses ACH or some other transfer method to pay bills? It doesn't seem like it to me based on what I have seen so far. Has anyone else experienced similar problems and how did you solve them?

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    @Sherlock is correct.  If you log onto your biller's web site, you will see that your FI payment account is set up for online payments through the billers payment service.  I'm not sure how Quicken actually initiates the payment since each payment service requirements may differ but that the result.  It's one of the reasons I don't use Quick Pay for many billers.  Also, I don't believe that QBM uses ACH directly to make any payments.  All my Check Pay payees have been sent paper checks, even if Quicken Billpay used to use ACH for the same payee.  I'm currently limiting my QBM use and waiting to see how Quicken responds to the many issues that users have identified.  I use my bank's billpay system for most bills now.  When my subscription comes up for renewal, I'll decide if QBM is worth keeping/

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