Can I move accounts from existing Personal.Quicken to brand new Trust.Quicken

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I use subscription Quicken Deluxe 2020 for Mac. I have a Personal data file that I've used a few years. Recently I was playing around and added a couple of new accounts to it which I designated as Separate Accounts since they relate to another entity - a Trust. Now it seems that I can't do reporting on those Separate Accounts, so I want to start a brand new data file for the Trust but, to save repeating a lot of data entry, I'd like to know if there's a way to move those populated Separate accounts into the brand new file. The simplest solution that comes to mind is to just duplicate the Personal data file, put the copy in a new location, rename it via Finder, and then delete all the Personal data, leaving only the Trust data. But are there problems lurking with this approach? And I've decided I definitely need a new and separate data file for the Trust so I'm not seeking suggestions on how to work with both entities in the Personal.Quicken file. All comments will be appreciated.

BTW, I'm new in the Community and have no idea what The Water Cooler is but choice of category was limited so I just picked it so I could ask a question.


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    Before you split your files, I wanted to make you aware that you can do reports using the Separate accounts. It wasn't originally apparent to me, so you may have missed it as well.

    In a report…
    • Click Customize
    • Click on the Accounts tab
    • Click Selected Accounts
    • Click Clear All at the bottom of the window
    • Now scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Accounts list, and you'll find your Separate Accounts there. Check them all or the one(s) you want. 
    And now you have a report on just your Separate account(s).

    You might still want to separate your Trust data into a separate file, but I figured you'd want to know there's a way to create reports on Separate Accounts separate from your other accounts.
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